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Meet 1:1 with an experienced retirement coach who will help create a personalized plan and keep you on track

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Our coaches will help you discover your personal path to fulfillment in retirement. 

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Who this is for

You are considering retirement or are ready to retire, and you would like to work one-on-one with a professional coach to create an individualized action plan to transition beyond your current career, retiring into your best life yet. Maximize the potential of putting your passions into action.

What you will take away

  • A personalized plan for retiring with purpose and intention, created through self-reflective exercises and concentrated discussions with your coach
  • Guidance and support as you tap into what brings you purpose and joy
  • Thoughts on how to utilize existing networks and create new connections as you determine your unique path forward

What You Get With Maximizer Coaching

Personalized 1:1 coaching

Personal Roadmap to your life in retirement

Proprietary research-based content & tools developed from the experiences of real people

 6-module interactive program

 The Future of You journal to reflect, imagine, explore & transform 

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About The Future of You

We're here to help you design your best life in retirement!

We help our clients form plans and opportunities for what they would most like to pursue when the obligations of a 9-5 are behind them. We strive to empower people with a feeling of purpose, a sense of wonder, and a craving for new adventures.

We offer our solutions through online platforms, interactive workshops, and personalized coaching. 


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