Our Story

From Successful Professionals to Entrepreneurs to Retirement Life Coaches

Nan Ives


Lisa Stornaielo

We’re retirees, turned entrepreneurs, who came to the conclusion that retirement planning needs a reboot.

Like many career professionals of a certain age, we found ourselves longing for a change after decades of working full-time in the financial services industry. Then, one day, we both received a fantastic “gift” — the option to take an early retirement — and that got us thinking about the whole notion of retirement.

When people retire, how do they recapture a sense of purpose? How do they strike the right balance of work, giving back, family, and fun? 

We analyzed hundreds of retirement planning services and discovered that nearly all of them focus solely on the financial aspects of a comfortable retirement. Of course, having enough money is important … but we wanted to understand how people went beyond rebalancing their portfolios to successfully rebalancing their lives.

Our professional experience in design thinking led us to dig deeper — immersing ourselves in the experiences of people planning for, and living in, retirement. We heard amazing stories, compiled our insights, and ideated solutions with uber-creative people.


We then tapped into our years of experience in leadership development, transition planning, and career coaching to create a powerful and effective formula to help people discover their best life in retirement.​

We look forward to welcoming you to our growing community of people who are redefining retirement and finding passion and joy in this vital time in their lives.