Accelerator Workshop

An Interactive Workshop to Help you Connect to your Purpose 

Design an Exciting, Fulfulling, and Meaningful Life in Retirement!

The Accelerator Workshop was designed from the experiences and insights of real people. Leveraging design thinking methods, our workshops will help you plan your personal journey to a fulfilling life in retirement.

The sessions are designed to build like-minded communities where you can connect with others at a similar place in life. Each session is interactive, inclusive and energizing.

We help participants ignite passion, supercharge ideas, and create more excitement in their lives.

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Our acclerator workshop meets via zoom for 90 minutes each week for six weeks 

Program Flow 

Week 1 - Roadmap for Success 

Week 2  Rebalance Your Life, Shift Your Mindset 

Week 3 - Uncover Your Purpose

Week 4 - Engage Your Community, Manage Your Energy 

Week 5 - Generate Ideas

Week 6 - Identify Experiments & Chart Your Course

 Next session, Limited capacity (10 participants)

Wednesday October 13 - Nov 17 (4:30 - 6:00pm EST) 

Investment: $497, Introductory rate (50% off)